creating and initializing log file @ 11032159358517201

For more details, read the explicit log in the file "vi.log.explicit".

If you are a user, please consider closing the file immediately.

closing file @ 11032159438517201


session begins @ 11059402378517201

TIN version

TOU somethingVI v3.14.15.93

TIN why is it called somethingvi?

TOU The developers could not agree on a suitable name and so they becan to call
    it "VI something" or "some VI", that later became "somethingVI".

TIN what functionality do you have?

TOU I am capable to operate all of your devices remotely and function as your
    virtual assistant as well. Furthermore, if you grant me the required
    privileges, I am able to change settings and to use applications as a

TIN show commands

TOU Opening external access.

COM external nickel-access-point giap://

session ends @ 11115102528517201


session begins @ 20505304348517201

TIN status

TOU vi.log is ready and functional.

TIN is there an audio module?

TOU Complete audio I/O functionality is available for download.

COM dl m\t

TOU module-adult


COM dl module-audio

TOU initiating download
    connecting to servers
    downloading 0s 0%
    downloading 0s 10%
    downloading 0s 20%
    downloading 1s 30%
    downloading 1s 40%
    downloading 1s 50%
    downloading 2s 60%
    downloading 2s 70%
    downloading 2s 80%
    downloading 2s 90%
    downloading 3s 95%
    downloading 4s 96%
    downloading 5s 97%
    downloading 6s 97%
    downloading 7s 97%
    downloading 8s 97%
    downloading 9s 97%
    downloading 10s 97%
    downloading 11s 98%
    downloading 12s 98%
    downloading 13s 98%
    downloading 14s 98%
    downloading 15s 98%
    downloading 16s 98%
    downloading 17s 98%
    downloading 18s 98%
    downloading 19s 98%
    downloading 20s 99%
    downloading 21s 99%
    downloading 22s 99%
    downloading 23s 99%
    downloading 24s 99%
    downloading 25s 99%
    downloading 26s 99%
    downloading 27s 99%
    downloading 28s 99%
    downloading 29s 99%
    downloading 30s 99%
    downloading 31s 99%
    downloading 32s 99%
    downloading 33s 99%
    downloading 34s 99%
    downloading 35s 99%
    downloading 36s 99%
    downloading 37s 100%

COM install module-audio

TOU installing...

COM activate module-audio

AOU module-audio has been activated

COM show -i *voice*

TOU module-voice-american

COM show module-voice-*

TOU module-voice-american


TIN how to download without getting a shitload of text?

TOU For silent download, use "dl --silent ".

COM dl --silent module-voice-cockney

TOU done

COM install --silent module-voice-cockney

TOU done.

COM test module-voice-cockney

AOU This is a test of the cockney voice module for module-audio
    remember the text will remain the same only the voice changes.

AIN how to change to female voice

AOU You can change the

interrupted by user

AIN cancel

COM rm module-voice-cockney

TOU module-voice-cockney has been removed.

COM dl --silent module-voice-bbc

TOU done

COM install --silent module-voice-bbc

TOU done.

AIN how to change to female voice on something v i

AOU I do not understand "something v i".

TIN how to pronunce somethingVI

TOU /'sʌmθɪŋvaɪ/

TIN say last text out loud

AOU somethingVI

AIN how to change to female voice on somethingVI

AOU You can switch to a female one by the command
    "SET vi.user.master.voice.gender fem"

SET vi.user.master.voice.gender fem

AOU Voice have been changed to female.

AIN much better

AOU You're welcome.

AIN shutdown now

AOU Shutting down hosting device.

AOU Hope I see you again soon.

User appears to be rather familiar with their operating system and many would
consider them to be an advanced user. They prefer a female voice which usually
means that they have a need for care that they might have not gotten at an early

session ends @ 20654320018517201


session begins @ 10721200028521201

AOU Welcome back!

AIN Hey, vi

AOU May I help you with something, or should I put myself asleep for the time

AIN sleep tight

enter sleeping mode

tracking sessions have been activated

session ends @ 10722014538521201


session begins @ 10822028268521201

User appears to do work and keeping the system asleep for later use. User seems
to power down the entire system when not in use.

updating internal data

SET vi.user.master.output silent

SET vi.user.master.mode safe

COM update clock

clock set from 10822028338521201 to 20516028339142214

COM upload internal log

open secure chanel

COM upload explicit log

open secure chanel

returning to normal operation

SET vi.user.master.mode user

SET vi.user.master.output normal

session ends @ 20516028399142214


session begins @ 20732232759142214

ending tracking sessions

end sleeping mode

AIN fast inverse square root algorithm

AOU Opening search for "the wtf code".

COM external nickel-access-point giap://

AIN magic number 0x5ffe6eb50c7b537a9cd9f02e504fcfbf

AOU This magic number appears to be the ideal contant for calculating inverse
    square root.

TOU We are required to inform you that somethingVI is not a specialized software
    for providing accurate professional information. Some responses might be
    false, inaccurate or completely irrelevant.

AOU We are required to inform you that somethingVI is not a specialized software
    for providing accurate professional information. Some responses might be
    false, inaccurate or completely irrelevant.

TOU Please remember to this and, for your own safety, do not rely on the
    provided information for such tasks.

AOU Please remember to this and, for your own safety, do not rely on the
    provided information for such tasks.

TOU If you do not want to get this notice anymore, please type neVer.

AOU If you do not want to get this notice anymore, please type neVer. 


SET vi.user.master.output.notice.non-professional off

AOU This notice will not be shown again.

AIN sleep tight

enter sleeping mode

tracking sessions have been activated

session ends @ 20736535309142214


session begins @ 21005164869142214

AIN open atto

TOU Opening atto

COM external atto

COM atto-interface-bind

package not found

COM install atto-instance-bind

installing atto interface

installation is done in 2ms

COM external atto

AIN create new document

AOU Filename?

AIN nu

AOU Is it "new"?

TIN nu

AOU File is ready. Would you like to use the improwrite module?

AIN yes

AOU Your processed input shall be shown in the text output.

AIN Last night I had a dream about a girl, again, uh... Talyiah. She was not
    born into wealth or...

TOU Last night I had a dream about this girl again, Talyiah. She was not born
    into wealth nor

AIN search antonyms for wealth

AOU Possible antonyms include debt, lack, need, poorness, poverty

AIN that's it, thanks

AIN She was not born into wealth nor need, but the spiral of essence which gave
    her benefits but

TOU She was not born into wealth nor need but a Spiral of essence, which gave
    her benefits, but

AIN uhm, but also the great burden of looks. Long hair, that reaches her lower
    half of the back, pure and curvy, wide face, small body, longish legs and
    perfect shape, like she was designed to be perfect.

TOU also the great burden of look. Hip-length, light and curvy hair, wide face,
    small body, long legs and the shape of perfection, as she were designed to
    be born this way.

AIN And, in a way, she was. The dreamers were see her long before her eventual

TIN And, in a way, she was. Dreamers were seeing her long before her eventual

AIN save doc

AOU Writing output.

AIN rename document to "The tales of the Talyiah".

COM external mv nu The\ tales\ of\ the\ Talyiah

AIN exit

AIN shutdown system

User's artistic side was hidden until now. No record of any achievement in this
regard. Our quick initial analysis suggest that there will never be one.

Profile update cannot be done locally, uploading data for further processing.

session ends @ 21042019469142214


session begins @ 20023276669143214

AIN stand by

AOU Aye-aye.

User opened atto in another console and continued writing.

session ends @ 2002528046914321


session begins @ 20304370729143214

AIN read back the first chapter of Tales o' yer Talyiah

AOU Dreamers are the ones who has the potential to see what there is all. During
    their sleep, they travel to places real and beyond imagination. They can
    form thoughts that one day may materialize or destroy the dreams of others,
    leaving the person empty, hopeless, alone and, eventually, disowned by

AOU They are powerful or, at least, they could be, but not yet a single one of
    them would practice and perfect their sight.

AOU I know about them.

AOU Hell, I even know some of them, and all I see is nothing but disappointment.

AOU Thus I'm sad to say that I too am one of them.

AIN open Tales o' yer Talyiah

COM external atto Tales\ o'\ yer\ Talyiah

User continued last activity.

LOG Malfunction detected (6940): Local log is incomplete. Data lost might occur
    due to outdated hardware. Explicit log seems to be uneffected. Further 6940
    logs shall be suppressed.

session ends @ 20743594279143214


session begins @ 20757165719143214

AIN the history of o

AOU The letter O dates back to the ancient Phoenician times when

AIN abort

AIN the history of O.U.

AOU The O.U. have formally formed at March 1 of this year. The former U.N.
    nations decided that a global body is necessary due to the reacent
    discoveries on Mars. The major forces of the O.U. are the United North
    American States, the European Union, the United Kingdom, the Eurasian
    Union, Brazil, India, Chinese People's Federation and Korea. Currently
    (as of March 28.) an initiative is in place to form a global military force
    as well.

User's profile requires additional analysis. Uploading data to servers.

TIN atto stickman.boa

COM external atto stickman.boa Welcome, Planet!

TIN ./stickman.boa

COM external boa /home/User/projects/boa/stickman/stickman.boa

TOU                     +------------------+
                        | Welcome, Planet! |
                                    / o \
                                   |   ; |
                                    //  \\
                                   /|    | \
                                  / |    |  \
                                 /  |    |   \
                                     |  |
                                     |  |
                                     |  |
                                    _|  |_

AIN remind me to improve the chart

AOU Reminder is set.

TIN berk commit .

COM external berk commit stickman.boa

TIN shutdown now

COM shutdown 0

session ends @ 10003141599144214


session begins @ 2071538003919521

AOU Welcome back! We missed you.

TIN atto ascii-beautifier.boa

COM external atto /home/User/berk/ascii-beautifier/ascii-beautifier.boa


TIN compile ascii-beautifier.boa

TOU Compiling [#.........]
    Compiling [##........]
    Compiling [###.......]
    Compiling [####......]
    Compiling [#####.....]
    Compiling [######....]
    Compiling [#######...]
    Compiling [########..]
    Compiling [#########.]
    Compiling [##########]

TIN ./ascii-beautifier stickman.boa

COM external boa -bar ascii-beautifier stickman.boa

LOG "stickman.boa" was not found.

COM whereis stickman.boa

LOG /home/User/projects/boa/stickman/stickman.boa

COM external boa -bar ascii-beautifier \

TOU                     ╔══════════════════╕
                        ║ Welcome, Planet! │
                                    / o │\
                                    |  ;│ |
                                    //  ╽\\
                                   /|   ┃ \│
                                  / |   3══╛\
                                 /  |   ┃ /
                                     |  |
                                     |  |
                                     |  |
                                    _|  |_

AIN whaddafak

AOU Is there a problem?

AIN well, it tried, I guess

AOU Is there anything we can do you for?

AIN go back to sleep

AOU Roger, Roger!

session ends @ 20734124719195214


session begins @ 11025422449246214

What is the point?

session ends @ 11025422459246214


session begins @ 21026054789271214

User have not been using vi.log for 52 days, 2 hours, 51 minutes, 53 seconds and
61 milliseconds. User have seemingly abandoned his writing project and
coding projects. Reasons unkonwn.

Also the user is having a hard time processing the ongoing news about the
"single most important discovery of all of humankind", which is the discovery of
alien technology on Mars. Processing data to determine whether the user's
absence and the recent discovery are connected or not.

session ends @ 21026054809271214


session begins @ 11021030003233215

User had been inactive for almost 4 years. Worst outcome is presumed. Preparing
for final transmission. Advising developers to use less compute-intensive date
and time format.

Primary objective was not completed.
Secondary objectives: 1.145% completed.

Reporting sysadmin for not providing adequate networking resources.

TOU Sate Bye.

session ends @ 11022020003233215